“Audrey Alison does my personal readings. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER SERVICES. Audrey is warm, lively and always accurate. I delight in speaking with her no matter what the cards say. Audrey is real and powerful."

~ A. Burrage

“I’m addicted to Audrey Alison!”

~ R. Á Bulles

“I have been following Audrey's videos on YouTube for several months, and recently heard her speak and answer caller’s questions on a radio show. I was very impressed, which led me to have a private reading. In the past year, I have been scheduling readings here and there with other readers on Etsy, and YouTube, as well as with one local reader. I have been looking for one reader whose style I like, and whose readings resonate with me. My search is OVER!!!  I couldn't say enough positive things about my reading with Audrey. I felt as if I were talking with a friend on the phone. Having a reading where one can interact immediately with the reader is priceless. I feel that Audrey was able to pick up incredibly accurately on my current situation, as well as my past. Even if Audrey had told me something that I didn't want to hear, I am confident that she would have delivered the news with kindness and compassion. My intuition is pretty strong (but I don't always trust it). Audrey affirmed much of what I had been feeling, and also went on to much more depth. She was positive, enthusiastic, sweet and kind, and GIFTED! I would recommend Audrey as a reader without hesitation. I am a completely and totally satisfied, grateful recipient of an amazing reading! Audrey, thank you so much for your time and gifts!”

~ D. Dewhirst

“Audrey, please know you are greatly appreciated. Your combination of sweetness, gifted intuition and verbal communication is a winning formula and no doubt put on this earth to serve the greater good.” 

~ K. Vabbeth

“Just a fortnight after my reading with you, and your predictions and recommendations are already falling into place. Life is looking positive. I feel empowered and finally in control...Thank you. You have a gift.”

~ D. Norcroft

“Audrey's powerful intuition, empathetic energy and soulful connectivity is as subtle and beautiful as it is raw and powerful. I instantly felt at ease with her warm demeanor and compassionate communication. Everything about Audrey and her abilities is amazing and inspiring. In just one session with her years of my internal confusions and conflicts felt clarified and calmed. Audrey and her tremendous talents will now be a constant in my life and for that I am already eternally grateful.”

~ C. Alane

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