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At your own pace, discover the magic of the intuitive process in this 21 day intensive course for all tarot readers! From the beginner to the experienced, you can infuse your style + method with the course to enhance your practice of the tarot in a fresh way. If you are new to the tarot completely, this is also the place to start your journey and uncover its mystery. If you are experienced, this course can help you reconnect with your craft from a new perspective. Included in my course are 7 full lessons, one dispersed every 3 days, that incorporate everything from finding the tarot deck for you, clearing your cards, grounding + protecting your energy, connecting with the message of the tarot, to divination itself! 

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About this Course:

This course will prepare you physically, mentally + intuitively for the experience of connecting with your tarot cards in order to perform deeper readings. You will develop the connection from the very beginning stages of choosing your deck for the course, clearing your deck through habitual ritual, while preparing your body, environment + the tarot cards for this fresh experience.

Within my course, I'll share with you my private practice, tips, tricks and any messages I receive through the process from Spirit. As you master this course, the final lesson has you interpreting different tarot spreads that I have arranged. The Magic of Tarot is a sneak peek into my private World of Tarot, sprinkled with original photos, video tutorials and interactive comment sections!

It is recommended that you have your own tarot deck. If you don't, no problem! We go shopping for those who need one within Lesson 1. I look forward to Connecting with you Mind, Body + Soul through The Magic of Tarot! ~xxAA

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