Audrey Alison

Mastering the Art of the Tarot and the Science of Astrology enables me to provide strong, intuitive, astrological readings for clients globally and daily. I have over 25+ years of experience reading The Tarot, as well as an innate gift of mediumship. My purpose as an empath, tarot reader, clairvoyant, metaphysical advisor and astrologer is to help heal and offer clarity + guidance to others searching for assistance on their life path. I am passionate about listening to the needs of my clients. My empathic reception of other’s issues + needs, combined with the joy I feel for being a part of this calling, make it a true blessing for me to practice this occupation.

I am currently a member of the International Academy of Astrology and The American Federation of Astrologers, where I selected my course of study. This practice has been a calling since I was young but has now manifested into a career of service to help counsel people with my intuitive gifts and combined knowledge of the astral, astrological and metaphysical. As a Gemini/Cancer Sun sign (29°59'38"),  born exactly on the Cusp of Magic, my specific role on this path is that of the Empathic Messenger. 

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