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AriesJupiter dips out of Aries on 10/28/22 and retrogrades back into Pisces through the winter solstice. Your thoughts are expanding. Your dreams are bigger than life, as well as your psychic visions. Trust your instincts while our most benefic energy swirls in your 12th house of intuition and the subconscious mind. What you dream about, you can bring about. 

Taurus :   As you wait patiently for your New Moon solar eclilpse on 11/8, you must first manuever the 10/25/22 Full Moon eclipse @ 2° of Scorpio in your solar 7th house of partnership and marriage. It is best to centered and non-reactive. Soulmates may be emotinal and relationships may be rocky in the last week of October. Stay as grounded as you are, earth sign. This watery realm is not your cup of tea. 

Gemini :   Mars is still energetically cruising through your solar 1st house, Gemmie. Use this energy through 3/23/23 to get moving and take action towards your physcial health. Mars wants you physcially active, however, he is revving up your attitude even more than you're usually amped up. Watch your argumentative nature as you are easily agitated these days. It's easy to burn bridges with a flame. 

Cancer :   Your solar 5th house of children, romance and creativity receives a wave of the Full Moon eclipse in watery Scorpio on 10/25/22. Navigate lightly around loved ones. Completing a creative project comes with some emotional release for you, Cancer. You're able to see romantic prospects more clearly during this time of quiet awareness. Take mental notes without judgment or reaction. 

Leo :   Are you preparing for a move or relocation, Leo? There is closure during our Full Moon eclipse in Scorpio on 10/25/22 within your solar 4th house sector of family and environment. Something in your residence needs your attention and it may have to do with water, plumbing issues or a leak due to Scorpio's energy on this eclipse. Save your coins for a rainy day. 

Virgo :   Mars is buzzing through your solar 10th house of career and status, Virgo, and you like it! Zero procrastinating is available to you while our speedy planet of energy requires you to take action towards your career goals. You have this determined energy here through 3/23/23, so please use it or lose it. 

Libra :   Your financial sector, the solar 2nd house of income and value, rides a wave on 10/25/22 during our Scorpion Full Moon lunar eclipse. Budget for an unexpected expense. Reschedule financial advisor appointments after 11/8/22, when you will have more mental clarity and confidence to make the best financial decisions for yourself. 

Scorpio :   Brace yourself for impact, Scorpio. You receive a Full Moon lunar eclipse @ 2° of your zodiac sign on just before your favorite holiday occurs on 10/25/22. Emotions can be triggered around this time. Stay subtle and non-reactive. You are blessed with the ability to remain silent while processing data and emotions. Avoid taking physical risks as this eclipse occurs in your solar 1st sector of physical body. Get some recuperative rest.

Sagittarius :   Your ruling planet, jovial Jupiter, retrogrades deeper back into Pisces on 10/28/22 through the winter solstice. This time phrame allows for reinvestigate of your living arrangement. Do you require more space or storage? Some Sadges are going big or going home when it comes to their dwelling. You could also incorportate new people, additions and family into your space. You love a party, so why not? Well, it may impede on your freedom(s) that you love so much. 

Capricorn :   When is Pluto leaving, you ask? You will receive a taste of a reprieve on 3/22/23 when he transits into Aquarius temporarily. Before then, use the intensity that this planet affords you in order to help others. You have been through your fair share of pain, depression and loss. Now as Pluto reaches the tail end of your sign @ 26°, you can help others in need that require your strength and knowledge. Stay humble. 

Aquarius :   Mars in Gemini in your solar 5th house and Saturn in your solar 1st house form a harmonious trine to one another throughout October and November. This connects these sectors and allows them to work with each other. Mars creates energy and physicality in your romance sector, while linking up to your physical body. Your heart is heated these days. You are feisty for love and the cosmos agrees. 

Pisces :   Jupiter retrogrades back into your zodiac sign on 10/28/22, Pisces! This is fab news bc it is interpreted that Jupiter can pick up where he left opportunity off and continue the course to success. Jupiter remains with you now through the winter solstice on 12/21/22. His benefic presence will not bless your zodiac sign again until 2034. The cosmos is conspiring to prosper you now. Allow it. Claim it. 

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