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Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes

12/28/22 - 1/19/23

Aries: Your status sector and career house holds this 3 week retrograde, Aries. You may not feel as much like putting yourself out there, as you normally would. When Mercury slows in Capricorn, this affects your willingness to be extroverted or in the limelight. You prefer less attention in career matters. You benefit from a withdrawn approach to your career and spotlight. Go inward and revise, review and rewrite your career path. Where do you see yourself after 1/19/23? Head there mentally first. 

Taurus :   Avoid foreign travel throughout this time frame, if you can, Taurus. Your 9th house of experience, travel and foreign location is highlighted this retrograde. When Mercury slows here, data and conversation can be confusing. Plans are executed the long way instead of effortlessly. Students and teachers may require additional study in order for information to be remembered thoroughly.  The planet of the intellect is now at his slowest pace and this affects the area of adventure and learning for you, creating a need for reservation and hesitation. You benefit from spiritual and metaphysical activities. They aid in your development and process. 

Gemini:  Review loans, credit card statements, and interest rates. Move all risky stocks to secure places this last quarter.  Invest in property or cash out completely. This isn't the quarter for financial risks. Double check for fraudulent activity and/or miscalculations in your 8th house of shared resources and investements. An intimacy's pace could slow down during this time, as well. Allow for this review.    

Cancer : Your 7th house sector of marriage and partnerships contains the slowed presence of the planet of communication. Plans and discussions regarding your relationship, wedding and/or business partnership need clarity. Take your time here. You benefit from writing things down, rewriting things, then editing them…then calmly discussing with your partner any issue. Avoid signing contracts and legally binding agreements throughout these 3 weeks. Redefine your partnerships with patience. Old flames come out the woodwork. 

Leo :   Your 6th house of health and service is affected by the presence of this Mercury Retrograde, Leo. Tend to your regimen and maintenance of the physical body with ease and patience. Your financial planet is slowing down. Avoid overspending, or buying what is not necessary. Avoid check ups and blood work during these 3 weeks. The results could need to be redone or not be assessed accurately. If you are looking for a new position in work, use this time to revise, review and rewrite your bio and resume for internal and behind-the-scenes submissions. Spell check, though!

Virgo : Use this time to review your heart, Virgo! Mercury, your ruling planet, slows down in your 5th house sector of true love, romance and children. You could receive a message of love from the past. If you are newly committed to relationship, this is the time to assess your dynamic together. Communication with your children benefits from both parties listening and even reiterating what was said. It is harder to understand one another when communicating during a Mercury Retrograde. Take your time. 

Libra:  Your home environment sector is affected by this Mercury Retrograde, Libra. Emotionally, you yearn to feel secure and comfortable. Make it so. Since this planet slwos down in the grounded, earthy area of Capricorn, there could be external yard, tree, cement, underground piping and/or weather issues that come up and need resolving. Build things strongly from the ground up. Working on your own inner foundation of security is a great place to start. Repairs to the home should be put off until 1/20 as to avoid a recurring issue or waste of time. Tighten and secure your relationship with the mother figure in your life. 

Scorpio :   Watch your words, Scorpio. The planet of communication slows down in your sector of communication, so you are tongue-tied during this 3 week period of time. Misunderstandings can occur when speaking and not listening enough. Do your fair share to absorb the correct message. Ask questions, take notes and edit yourself. Revise, review + rewrite your proposals. Plan for delay with short excursions. You may benefit from a staycation instead. 

Sagittarius :   Save more and spend less during this 3 week period of time, Sagittarius. Mercury slows down in the sector of your earnings and security which is a buzzkill for the thrill seeking, spur of the moment adventurer of the zodiac. Your confidence can be shook during this phase. Again, this is rare for Sadge. Oddly, you can trust your closest ppl to give you constructive criticism at this time. You can benefit by going over your budget, tax prepping, revising, reviewing and rewriting your monetary goals and plans. Hone in on your resources and pay down your debts.  

Capricorn :   Mercury slows his roll in your 1st sector that represents your body, Capricorn. Treat your physical self to detox treatments. Say less and listen more during this 3 week time frame. Listening for when to push your body versus when you should rest is important now. Avoid legally binding commitments and digging too deep into your subconscious mind. You can easily drift off into dreamland and live there for your solar return.  

Aquarius :   You have this slowed mercurial energy within your very last sector on the wheel, Aquarius. Mercury retrogrades in your 12th house of dreams, intuition and memory. Keep a journal by your bedside bc you receive the benefit of clairvoyance while in REM sleep. You are prone to lucid dreaming now. Exciting! Mercury is the information planet, and he is slowed down in this sector of dream activity and the subconscious mind. Use this time frame to become peacefully aware of your connection to The Universe. Go where your mind flows. 

Pisces :   Expect a few glitches in your technology, Pisces. Some devices need updating or maintenance throughout this Mercury Retrograde in your 11th house of the internet and social activity. Your ability to interact with others is keen, however you may require even more physical and personal space in these 3 weeks. Having your private time to rethink your long term goals (11th house) proves beneficial. Create your vision the old school way… with the mind.  

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