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ARIES:  Your 1st house of self and body receives a New Moon Solar Eclipse on 4/8 @ 19° of Aries, creating new paths and routes for you. The Sun and Venus are coasting through your physical sector, too, allowing for your best aesthetic. However, Mercury, the communication planet, is retrograde in Aries from 4/1/24 - 4/25/24. Say what you mean only. Nothing more, nothing less. You may not be coming across clearly to others this month, so truly think through your verbiage. Avoid life-changing decisions and signatures of commitment. Take your time during your Solar Return. The less you exert your emotional energy, the more you'll save. 

TAURUS:  Jupiter and Uranus form an exact conjunction @ 21° on 4/20/24 in your sign, Taurus. This aspect happens once a year, and you benefit from the sudden, optimistic and expansive presence of this two planets working together to level you up. If there were any obstacles in your way, consider them  dismantled by the end of the month. Mercury is retrograde in your 12th sector of intuition and private thoughts. Plan your strategy. Revise, review and rewrite it through April. Execute it after 4/25/24. Happy Solar Return!

GEMINI:  This New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 19° of Aries on 4/8/24 is beautifully aspected for you Gemmie. You receive this burst of fiery new energy within your 11th house of connections, social life, goals and friendships. This is a sector where you thrive. While your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde here, too, expect to receive incoming messages from pasts organizations, clubs, groups and friendships with whom you were affiliated. April marks a time where you can re-think, revise and return to a goal that you left unfinished last October of 2023. It is time to put your goals first and finish what you started.

CANCER:  There is a Jupiter and Uranus exact conjunction @ 21° of Taurus on 4/20/24 in your sector of goals and connections. Cancer, it is time to expand your bucket list. When was the last time you updated it? This month allows for slow assessment of your career sector, the 10th house, as well. Mercury is retrograde in Aries, your career house, from 4/1/24 - 4/25/24. Revise, review and restrategize where necessary. Rushing isn't necessary when Mercury slows down. You receive a New Moon Solar Eclipse in your career, title and status sector, allowing for new opportunities from which to choose. Even through challenges, there is a victory by the end of the month. 

LEO:  Mercury has slowed down in your foreign travel sector, from 4/1/24 - 4/25/24, so take your time if travelling. You also receive the New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 19° of Aries on 4/8/24 in your 9th house of foreign travel, higher education and new experiences. Leo has a new desire, yet simmering not boiling, to wander into realms unseen or areas they have not before experienced. Diving into a private world of your own feels comforting during the retrograde. Jupiter and Uranus go exact @ 21° of Taurus on 4/20/24 in your career sector, allowing for major revelation in order to expand your career presence. 

VIRGO:  Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde from 4/1/24 - 4/25/24 in Aries, your 8th house of shared resources and intimacy. Quiet negotiations are beginning to increase the fairness of finances in your life. Take the time to study options for saving, investing and property purchases this month. Do the internal, behind-the-scenes work and take action in May. You have a new approach to how you earn and save after the New Moon Solar Eclipse on 4/8/24 in Aries. You might also have a few secrets to keep in your plans. Privacy is indicated. 

LIBRA:  Your polar opposite sector, the 7th house of relationships and marriage, receives the enormity of our planetary energy in April, Libra. Mercury is retrograde in Aries from 4/1/24 - 4/25/24 in this area. You are reminded of what once was in terms of relationships. You may even hear from a few past relationships. You also have the New Moon Solar Eclipse here on 4/8/24, which symbolizing a new course of action in love over the span of six months. Singles become linked. Linked may want freedom. 

SCORPIO:  Jupiter and Uranus form an exact conjunction in Taurus on 4/20/24 and this inspires your 7th house of partnerships and marriage. There is an expansiveness and an optimistic tone to this area of your life. Unexpected developements can occur to provide Scorpio with a significant other and or business partnership this month. Mercury is retrograde in Aries in your 8th house of sex and intimacy, allowing for an assessment of Scorpio's needs. You also receive a New Moon Solar Eclipse in this 8th house on 4/8/24 to initiate a high libido and possible new investment opportunity. Your shared resources need tending to. Revise, review and rewrite your savings plan.  

SAGITTARIUS:  Your favorite sector of fun, sport, speculation and playfulness is in high gear, Sadge! You love this. Romance and flirtation is highlighted all month, too. Not only do you receive a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, the 5th house, you have Mercury slowed down here to help you assess the right connection for you. Your relationship with children is tended to effortlessly and they might understand you better than anyone. You are able to slow down an appreciate the moments with them in April. Avoid signatures and solid legal commitments. 

CAPRICORN:  Bye, Pluto! (temporarily, officially on 11/15/24) Capricorn is feeling the weight removed in April. Mercury's retrograde in Aries from 4/1/24 - 4/25/24, occurs in your 4th house of home and environment. Your comfort level is assesed when Mercury slows here. You also receive the New Moon Solar Eclipse in this sector on 4/8/24 @ 19° of Aries. New paths lead to home. How cozy are you where you live? Re-think your location in April. I wouldn't reccommend starting repairs in April. Wait for May. Reconnect with your maternal figure in life. Listen. 

AQUARIUS:  The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs in your 3rd house of communication, study, teaching, writing and local travel. There is new inspiration here for you, Aquarius. Mercury has slowed down in this same sector of Aries to assist in revising, reviewing and re-writing your body of work. Tighten up loose ends in the 3rd house. Is there unfinished schooling that you require? Can you connect with community or assist in charitable projects? Your vehicle may require some looking after, or a new investment here after 4/8/24 is available. Edit your speech and think before speaking from 4/1/24 - 4/25/24.

PISCES: Even with Saturn's presence, you are able to move forward. The New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 19° of Aries occurs in your money sector, the 2nd house. You have Mercury slowed down here from 4/1/24 - 4/25/24, as well. Reasses your financial picture. Review your budget and cut spending. Saturn in your 1st house suggests saving and structure to your monetary life. Jupiter and Uranus link up exact @ 21° of Taurus in your sector of community and communications. You have expansive opportunity in your neighborhood. Local connections level you up. Say what you require and expect the best. Stay positive. 

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