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The Cards

Achieving your goals in life is easier when you have the right information and a clear path in front of you. I provide empathic, psychic tarot readings by using the art of the Tarot & the science of Astrology to give my clients intuitive phone readings, insightful horoscopes + astrological predictions. I also use the skills of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance to provide you with thorough information.

The cards can cover an array of topics: success, career, love, health, relationships, etc. My readings work in a couple of ways. Clients can ask me specific questions during the reading and discuss the concerns they have regarding certain subjects. Another method is to allow the cards to speak for themselves, an open reading. The cards usually bring up the topic most prevalent to the client, and we can go from there. In my readings, I am channeling information as a psychic medium, in addition to explaining what I see in the cards, and feel about their positioning in the spread. Words, names, phrases and descriptions are usually given to me that relate to the client's past, present, and future path. My readings are done over the phone and are scheduled by appointment only. Please go to the Appointment Request page for bookings.

The Stars

Astrology exists as our map to guide us further in implementing our goals, offering the timing of certain events and developing our life path. The basic truth of Astrology is that the planets are active forces. Their energy is not only external and powerful but is embodied within us, becoming dormant and/or more active at different times. Their energy is also modified by the astrological signs they happen to transit, as well as certain combinations they make with other planets. These aspects, and the planet's energy, are focused in the area of life associated within the 12 houses in which they appear. Make no mistake. Astrology is not a belief. Our complete solar system exists, whether we believe in it or not. Astrology is not the tiny strip of a sentence that you read in the Daily News horoscope section. Astrology is the complete understanding of our encompassing sky that governs us. The study of the Sun, Moon, Stars + Eclipses, began well before recorded history, and well before the influential Copernicus and Galileo. I provide thorough natal chart delineations to help you determine what the sky says about you and your path!

The more we understand the sky and become aware of planetary transits, the more it can serve us in achieving our goals, understanding our paths, our behavioral patterns and, basically, our whole existence. Our sky is here to guide us. Our sky offers us predictions. At the very least, it can make life easier when it is understood. At the very most, we exist because it exists.

My Purpose

My faith in the Universe, Source + Spirit guide me on my journey to healing myself and others. Having a giant sense of humor throughout life also helps in that journey! My purpose as a psychic medium + astrological advisor is to help heal and offer any light to others searching for guidance on their paths. I am passionate about listening to the needs of my clients. My intuitiveness for the needs of others, and the joy I feel for being a part of this calling, make it a true blessing for me to practice this occupation. Thank you for choosing me for your guidance on the astral.

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"Audrey, please know you are greatly appreciated. Your combination of sweetness, gifted intuition and verbal communication is a winning formula and no doubt put on this earth to serve the greater good."

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