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Audrey Alison

Hi there,

My name is Audrey Alison.  I'd like to share with you a little about myself and my journey in discovering my passion for Astrology, the Tarot, the Cosmos and the Mystical side of this life.

At the age of 6, with my pinky linked to my father's hand, I purchased my first horoscope scroll from a Quick Check convenient store, in New Jersey, for a dime.  The End.  ;)  My parents saw how much I treasured this tiny, yellow scroll of paper.  It pleased me so much that I held onto it until it ended up in shreds in my bed.  I anxiously awaited the next month's scroll.  I remember the specific, secretive feeling of looking forward to this monthly treat.  Shortly after the introduction to my horoscope, I received my first book about the zodiac & constellations.  I have been devouring them, whole-heartedly, ever since.  I have always thought birthdays were more important than any other holiday. Having a birthday that lands on the first day of Summer, generally coinciding with the last day of school, probably contributed to this childhood elation. However, it was really a pull towards Astrology that governed my adoration for birthdays over Santa Claus. I am an only child who found herself drawn to establishing a 

connection with the emotions of other people and had an early fascination with science, math, music, dance, nature, philosophy & spirituality.  I had become aware of some abilities as a child, who was prone to premonitions and precognitive thinking, garnering a highly sensitive soul and intuition, all the while attending church on Sundays.  I knew what neighbors would knock on the door and what they needed to borrow, in advance, just as much as I knew, confidently and quietly, that each one of us was absolutely perfect in our very own, mapped-out way. Astrology taught me that this is very true from the moment of our birth. When we enter the world, that time stamp is assigned to us.  We are like fingerprints; unique and imprinted. I have always heard an inner voice; whether it was my Angels guiding me to walk on certain sides of the street as to protect me, or my Guides, telling me what song would come on the radio next, just for kicks.  I listened to this voice.  This voice led me here! There are times in my life that I could and should have listened harder to these voices and my own intuition, and made my own better choices and decisions.  But I have had to learn through my own mistakes and errors.  I still paid attention, even if I didn't adhere to the guidance, and have always kept an open heart and mind.  

I preoccupied a lot of my teens reading and testing any psychic abilities that I perceived to be valid.  I believe we all have these innate abilities.  Some of us feel an urge to develop and hone in on these skills, some of us do not, understandably.  And some, are not given a choice.  But I also understand that, that in which we do not understand, we tend to fear.  So, I continued reading and also, praying.  I have always had a strong faith in a Higher Power, whether that be the Cosmos, God herself or the Universe.  I was baptized, confirmed and believe in Angels en masse.  However, I maintain a balance & connection between science and faith, as any good Gemini would do!  I believe the more open and accepting you are to having faith and believing in the mysterious, while gathering experience, skill and information, the more you are called upon to use it.  And ultimately, the more you will receive it. 

After the initial loss of several family members, most significantly my Father, I have had pure visions of Spirit, not just with my own relatives who have passed, but with many others.  And with each relative or friend that passes, I have contact and connection with them, both while dreaming and awake.  I have mastered my own ability to channel through my Guides, through their establishing of communication forms & meditation.  I am a Channel; a Conduit; a Medium who connects information from above (the next astral plane) to this plane.  I only use this gift for the purpose of positivity, love & light.

After receiving my B.A., I drove from one coast to the other to pursue my creative passions and dreams.  Experiencing both sides of this country, at equal length, continues to internally balance me.  Once I reached the West coast, I became very connected to the art of the Tarot.  These cards became the tools that were exactly what I had needed to enhance the story of what I could already feel intuitively.  I have been reading and interpreting the Tarot for 25+ years with a steadfast, star-studded, global clientele.  I am also a collector of the decks and have studied with some divine High Priestesses, both in the treasure that is The California Mojave Desert, and within the dark crevices of the very spirited New Orleans.  However, I never neglect the science and the connection that the Tarot has with each planet, number, element, astrological & alchemical symbol and beyond. This multifaceted connection the cards own contributes to the connection with the client within the reading. Totally fascinates me!  It also chose me.

Complementing my more than 25 years of experience, is my heritage.  I come from Native American descent on my Father's side, most of whom are deceased.  Both my Great-Grandmother and Grandmother had telepathic/psychic abilities and headdresses. 

I am currently a member of the International Academy of Astrology and the American Federation of Astrologers.

As a Gemini/Cancer (29°59'38"), Leo Ascendant @ 1°, born exactly on the Cusp of Magic, my specific role on this path is that of the Empathic Messenger.  I am grateful every single day for the ability to give some clarity to others through my personal life experiences, empathic abilities, knowledge of your cosmic natal charts and the intuitive messages received from the artful Tarot. 

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International Academy of Astrology

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